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Sleep is at the heart of your wellbeing, restoring your mind, body and soul for tomorrow’s new adventures.

We’ve created a range of award winning mattresses and pillows using the latest aerospace technology to help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake feeling more refreshed than ever before.

That’s OCTAsmart First Class Sleep.

OCTAsmart mattresses give support and comfort
OCTAsmart mattress toppers transform your old mattress
Memory foam pillows to give you extra support

OCTAsmart breathes with you for a better night’s sleep

Inspired by your body and the way it instinctively breathes, our Octaspring® technology incorporates hundreds of little air pumps into its Octavent air system that expel unwanted hot humid air and encourage cool calming air, to help thermo-regulate and balance your body with blissful breathable sleep.

What’s so smart about OCTAsmart?

Individual octasprings for support

The secret’s in the spring

OCTAsmart® uses our unique OCTAspring® technology. The foam springs move independently of each other to adapt to your unique shape, evenly distributing your weight and ensuring maximum comfort every night.

OCTAsmart zones give you support for your back and hips

Smart zones for super support

Our mattresses and toppers are made up of unique zones deisgned to perfectly fit your body. That means better support for your back, hips and shoulders, keeping your back perfectly in line.

OCTAsmart mattress are designed for couples

Designed for both of you

We all move at night. But no one wants to disturb their partner. But because our unique OCTAsprings move independently of each other, so do you. Next time you roll over they won’t notice, and that means a better night for both of you.

cooler night's sleep

OCTAspring® technology breathes with your body thanks to its OCTAventTM air system. As a result, our OCTAsmart® products are 8x more breathable with climate controlling comfort, cooling your bed and you by 3°C.

our mattresses pillows and toppers help you get a better night's sleep

Independent sleep studies have shown that when we’re cooler we sleep better. So with the OCTAsmart® range you can be sure of faster, deeper and longer sleep for that fresh feel-good feeling.

we uses 50% less material meaning reduced COs emissions

Thanks to our revolutionary OCTAspring® technology, our products use 50% less material than similar mattress, making them lighter and saving CO2 emissions. So you can sleep well and feel good about the planet too.

100 Night Guarantee

100 night mattress trial

It takes time to adapt to a new mattress. So we’ll give you 100 nights to try OCTAspring – if you’re not happy then you can return it to us.

Free Delivery

Free delivery

Lots of people charge extra for delivery. We don’t. And our delivery team will get your order to you quickly and safely.

18 Year Warranty

18 year warranty

Our mattresses come with an 18 year warranty so you can be confident of first class sleep for may years to come.