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A First Class night’s sleep, bought to you with our Award Winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

Award winning mattresses toppers and pillows

Smart science shapes smarter sleep

Your body is unique, so why shouldn’t your sleep comfort be unique too? At the heart of our work is a passion to imaginatively realise sleep solutions that are customised with comfort made just for you. With an expert blend of Octaspring® Aerospace technology and next-generation materials, our sleep team have developed a magical formula of SMART comfort technology promising personalised comfort.

Aerospace Adventurers

Our sleep experts have reengineered our award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology for the comfort of your own home, innovating the OCTAtsmart range for the best possible night’s sleep.

Crafted by Connoisseurs of Comfort

Committed to delivering the very best sleep solutions, our sleep labs have rigorously tested our technology for both the sleep industry and the very demanding aerospace industry, passing with the highest quality results.

Protecting our planet

Thanks to the resourceful powers of our revolutionary Octaspring® technology, we create peaceful sleep solutions that protect the planet by using 50% less material. This makes our Octasmart® products 30% lighter with each mattress saving CO2 emissions equal to 1 tree. So, with Octasmart® already changing sleep for 6 million customers, we’ve saved an astounding 6 million trees worth of CO2

A Sanctuary of safe sleep

Sleep is at the centre of your wellbeing, restoring your mind, body and soul for tomorrow’s new adventures. That’s why we use materials that are free from harmful chemicals and approved by the notable OEKO-TEX certificate, to ensure your sleep is a sanctuary of safety.