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OCTAsmart Pillows

Everyone deserves first class sleep

Your head is the most important part of your body, where your dreams for today, tomorrow and the future are born.

Octasmart® Essentials pillows have been created with a passion for peaceful sleep and a promise to rouse the sweetest of dreams. Imbued with our ultra-comfy Micropearl™ technology and patented Octacell™ formula, our pillow range has been created to offer a sanctuary of support with the coolest of comfort for sublime sleep.

So get ready for first class sleep with a new OCTAsmart pillow.

Two pillows of pleasure, one incredible price

Finding the perfect pillow can be a bit of a headache. Octasmart® Essentials pillow talk keeps things simple with two comfy feels that are built on the same transformative technology.

Our experts used Micropearl technology, creating two designs to give you a choice of fibre or memory foam.

The OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow

OCTAsmart aerocell pillow

The Octasmart Essentials Aerocell pillow embodies a centre of Fibre Micropearl technology wrapped in a luscious layer of Octacell Aerocell, inspiring a down-like pillow feel for sumptuously supported sleep.


The OCTAsmart Essentials Memory Pillow

OCTAsmart memory foam pillow

If you prefer a pampering, pillow feel, the Octasmart® Memory pillow is the one for you. It combines a classic core of Memory Micropearl technology with our breathable memory foam for a cooler night’s sleep.


Whichever one you choose you can be sure of a first class night’s sleep.