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Octasmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow

Aerocell technology in a down like pillow


The Octasmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow combines Fibre MicropearlTM technology wrapped in a luscious layer of OctacellTM Aerocell®, to give you a down-like pillow feel for sumptuously supported sleep.

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The OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow

We all relish that luxurious pillow feel that promises a peaceful night of indulgently sumptuous sleep. With a mission to re-imagine this feel with Octasmart® technology, our experts innovatively cultivated the powers of OctacellTM and Fibre MicropearlTM to create the cradling comfort of the new OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow that soothes and supports.


In a fresh fusion of OctacellTM and Fibre MicropearlTM technology, the Essentials Aerocell® Pillow is structured to protect the natural shape of your spine with optimal alignment no matter what position you sleep in.  This dynamic duo not only encourages essential ergonomic comfort but also maximises airflow which works in harmony with our Signature cover. Integrated with hundreds of micro comfort air pockets, the Signature cover helps to regulate the micro-climate of your Essentials Aerocell® pillow with airmesh panels that help to expel unwanted heat, combining comfortably cool technology with sublime support. 

The OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow.

Cool, Comfortable, Supportive

Better spine alignment

Octacell™ technology instinctively responds to your head and neck, working in harmony to encourage its natural shape and improve your head, neck and spine alignment. With its permanently elastic 3D structure it creates pressure-relieving comfort that is built to last, with thousands of air filled cells for a blissful breath of fresh air.

OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow

Cooling comfort

Blistering Heat or a Breath of fresh bliss. Keeping cool can be a burden at bedtime, that’s why we created sleep-cool technology for our OCTAsmart® Essentials Aerocell® Pillow using thousands of air channels to dissipate unwanted heat. The Octacell™ support structure helps to thermo-regulate your body’s own micro-climate, promoting advanced air flow so you can get to sleep faster for longer.

No need to plump the pillow

The millions of Micropearls™ inside the pillow combined with the super-elastic properties of Octacell™ Aerocell® layer brings incredible support. Its extraordinary elasticity helps the pillow to keep its shape, with comfort boosting technology that cradles and supports. So, no need to plump the pillow before bedtime, just jump right in and snuggle down to soothing sleep.

OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow

What makes an OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow so special?

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OCTAsmart Essentials Aerocell Pillow
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